A Tribute to Mom

by Elizandro Garcia-Montoya

My mother became a very supportive source in my family  when it came to our early music training. She  nurtured our young love for music. Both my brothers played brass  instruments. Oscar plays the trumpet and Ruben played the French horn. Everything was normal and peaceful around the house until we all decided to start practicing at the same time. My mother Carmen, although at times annoyed at the big mesh of sound coming from our bedrooms,  waited patiently until practice was over and usually rewarded us with a big tasty meal. We will forever be grateful  for her patience and inspiration to pursue our dreams.

by Rebecca Jackson

A mother’s heart and passion to help others can greatly impact and inspire a young daughter. This was my experience in early childhood when “Umma” (Mom in Korean) first taught me the importance of “paying it forward” through benefit concerts and playing for elders in nursing homes. These experiences taught principles and values that have guided me throughout my career. They have compelled me to perform and give classes in places like Ukraine, Romania, Haiti, Dominican Republic & Lebanon. This year I will travel to Nepal to play at a home that cares for children of incarcerated parents. Continuing Sound Impact’s work on behalf of children in Costa Rica with Danielle, Tiffany, Juan and Elizandro, has been a most satisfying fulfillment of the mission which my mom originally instilled in me. Her compassion continues to inspire me to connect and strengthen other hearts through music.

Below: Pictures of each Project Costa Rica Team Member with their mothers.