Cross-Cultural & Collaborative Concert with Cali Rivera

Only six weeks remain till Project Costa Rica 2015 and emails are flying concerning the many details needed to complete the pre-production aspects of tour.  Thanks to the support of MANY individuals, we have the great privilege to forge new friendships but also to continue the many relationships that started on our first tour last summer. In addition to performing, teaching, and distributing much needed musical supplies and instruments, this trip will culminate in a cross-cultural, collaborative performance.

One of the beautiful aspects of this project is the dear and personal connections made through our team member and clarinetist, Elizandro Garcia Montoya, who grew up in Costa Rica. Most of the school directors are his close friends and family members that have made the year round commitment of changing the lives of hundreds of children. Another connection made on tour last year was through the master producer and manager, Mercedes Sanchez.

On a rare off night she took us to Taller del Artista in Tres Rios – an inspirational place opened by Cali Rivera that is part restaurant, part workshop, and part creative safe haven for artists. It was during this visit to Taller del Artista that the conversation of collaboration began…

Taller Del Artista

@Taller Del Artista: (From R to L) Cali Rivera, Juan, Rebecca, Tiffany, Elizandro, Mercedes

Our 2015 tour will culminate in a collaborative concert on Saturday September 5th with renowned Costa Rican visual artist Cali Rivera and the students of SINEM Desamparados. Inspired by Cali’s exhibit, the title of our concert is Un Camino Hacia La Paz (A Road to Peace). The youth orchestra and Sound Impact will perform and surrounding us on stage will be eight grand Prayer Flags by Cali Rivera.

The Flags:

Paz (Peace)

Transmutación (Transmutation)

Caridad (Charity)

Carácter Sagrado de la Tierra (Sacred Character of the Earth)

Plegaria por los Bosques (Prayer for all Forests)

Plegaria por los Océanos (Prayer for all Oceans)

Oración por el Calentamiento Global (Prayer for Global Warming)

Oración por las Comunidades indígenas del Planeta – El corazón de Mercedes (Prayer for all Indigenous Communities – Mercedes Heart)



We feel honored to share the stage with Cali Rivera!

More about Cali:

Born  in 1969 in the city of San José, Costa Rica, Central America, Cali Rivera  is a  multidisciplinary     artist,    creator of the allegorical banners of the Earth Charter in 2003,  the “Flags of Globalization” in 2004 for the World Symposium of Ecologists  His work has been exposed in France, Japan, Nicaragua, Guatemala,  Brazil and lately at the Central Museum of Textile Art Lotz,  Poland as part of the exhibit CUD-Milagro 2014,cudmilagro.html

During the year 2009 Mr. Rivera was an intern at San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala conducting a study on Lake Atitlan where he lived and became involved with the community with the desire to make a social contribution to art through her. Among other things, Rivera created the “Corpus Christi Banners” a collection exhibited at a fellowship between Japan and Costa Rica, and the “Cross of San Pedro”, a symbolic work for the protection of Lake Atitlan. These works based on assemblies of textile and painted “güipiles”, were part of his creative process in 2009 and in 2010 got him the 1st Prize of the Red Textil Iberoamericana (Iberoamerican Textile Network). With his work “Song of Freedom” Cali Rivera participated in the International Triennial V “Tradition and Innovation” – DIVERSITY & UNITY in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, in the city of Riga, Latvia, held in April 2015. His work was worthy of an honor mention and selected to be reproduced in a giantography that was placed in front of the museum greeting the visitors. At the same time, the rest of the series named Religious Syncretism, a path to Peace was exposed at the Central Museum of Textile Art Lotz, Poland, this time in an individual exhibit.

IMG_1257“Cali Rivera’s proposal has been developed through a long process where his figurative language and abstraction have joined hands to communicate the concepts behind his work. The search for spirituality and the balance of beauty are constant concerns of his work. Both its magical characters, adorned and surrounded by elements of nature such as tips abstractions have the same center, a place where the individual is in harmony with the universe.“ -Alma Fernandez, Director of the Costa Rican Art Museum.

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