Beyond the Limits

By Tiffany Richardson

Beyond the limits…there is no better way to describe Chris4Life. Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation was founded in 2010, by an incredible group of people including my good friend, Michael Sapienza. Michael and his family and friends joined forces in the wake of the loss of his mother, Christine Sapienza, to bring awareness to this disease. In less than five years, Chris4Life has risen to become the leading colorectal cancer advocacy group in the world.


Above: Tiffany Richardson and Michael Sapienza

I had the privilege of performing at the launch event, and being introduced to this group of people, and this cause. I was floored to hear that colon cancer was the second leading cause of cancer death, yet it was a topic people avoided. Feeling strong about spreading the word, and changing the future of this disease, I started volunteering, which later led me to be involved as a co-chair of the Young Professional Board and eventually I was honored to become a member of the Board of Directors.



Something I love about Chris4Life is that we’re always looking to push the envelope…have you seen the “Love Your Butt” ads plastered all over DC and even New York City’s Times Square???



Chris4Life really wanted to do something different at the Blue Hope Bash this year, and that’s where Sound Impact got involved. Chris4Life’s philosophy is that the arts are of the utmost importance in our world as they inspire, empower, and strengthen us during times of adversity, values Sound Impact holds highly as well.

We were thrilled that Chris4Life wanted to commission a piece based on the story of the organization, highlighting how the journey through this disease is a difficult one, yet through hope and perseverance and energetic efforts we can make a difference. And we were also thrilled that Michael Sapienza would join us on trumpet for the performance…did I mention he was a professional trumpet player pre-Chris4Life? We recruited Michael Caterisano, aka DJ Cutlet, who has an exciting multi-faceted career as a composer and percussionist to compose the commissioned piece. With a unique instrumentation of string quartet, two trumpets and tabla, joined by the powerful dancer Vincent Thomas, we were able to make this idea and story come to life.



Sound Impact was honored to perform the Chris4Life commission as a part of the BEYOND THE LIMITS Blue Hope Bash in October. It was an unforgettable experience to be a part of this amazing event that raised over $250,000 for the fight against colon cancer.


Left to right: Danielle Cho, Amy McCabe, Rebecca Jackson, Vincent Thomas, Michelle Kim, Tiffany Richardson, Debu Nayak

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