Project CR: Meet the Students!

In honor of “Arts in Education” week, we thought it would be great to hear from the amazing students we met in Costa Rica!

Here are some of our favorites words and photos from our visit…


What did you learn from Sound Impact’s visit?

“Magnificent. I am in love with your music. It is the most beautiful music I have heard in all my life. My biggest congratulations- extraordinary musicians.”

“Magnifico, estoy enamorada de su musica, es lo mas hermoso que he escuchado en toda mi vida. Mis mas grandes felicitaciones, musicos extraordinarios.”

-Student from SINEM Acosta


“That all people whatever their nationality can unite and do incredible things. I am amazed that these great examples of people exist.”

“Que todos las personas sin importer la nacionalidad se pueden unir y hacer cosas increibles.  Que las personas ejemplares existen.”

-Student from SINEM Acosta


“I learned many technical aspects of the bow and also how to improve my sound. I also learned the importance of posture and relaxation. I also really appreciate the humility of these musicians, their high level of musicianship and the fact that they have come to help us.”

“Aprendi muchas tecnicas de arco y para mejorar el sonido, tambien la importancia de la postura y relajacion. Tambien valere la humildad de ellos, que con su alto nivel, vienen a ayudar de forma muy amable.”

-Student from SINEM Liberia


“I learned that people who make a lot of effort can do great things.”

“Aprendi que las personas dando mucho esfuerzo pueden llegar a hacer graces cosas”

-Student from SINEM Acosta


“I learned to appreciate more the music we play. It also helped me a lot to obtain more security in my playing that I didn’t have before.”

“A valorar mas la musica y lo que tocamos, me ayudo bastante para obtener la seguridad que no tenia antes.”

-Student from Emusa Santo Domingo


What importance does music have for you and for humanity?

“Music can awaken in us feelings, new and indescribable. It is a form of expression for both composers and musicians. For humanity, it gives us a gift that has always existed and changes with time but also is preserved.”

“La musica puede despertar en nosotros sentimientos conocidos, nuevos e indescriptibles, es una forma de expression tanto para compositors como interpretes.  Para la humanidad les un regalo que siempre ha existido, y cambia con el tiempo pero tambien se conserva”

-Student from Emusa Santo Domingo


“It is like magic for me and it signifies friendship between all humans.”

“Es como magia para mi y significa amistad entre todas las personas.

-Student from SINEM Liberia


Why do you have interest to play and learn music?

“I love playing my instrument and in general music gives all people a different perspective of the world. Music fills and complements me.”

“Porque el instrument me gusta mucho y la musica en general lleva a las personas a ver el mundo desde otra perspectiva. La musica me llena y complementa.”

-Student from Emusa Santo Domingo


“I like it a lot, I feel good, and it transports me to other worlds. I can imagine wonderful things, it gives me much happiness and it helps me in all things that I do.”

“Porque me gusta mucho, me hace sentir bien, transportarme a otros mundos, imaginar cosas maravillosas, le da diversion y vida a todo, me ayuda en el resto de que haberes.”

-Student from Emusa Santo Domingo


“For me, music is my life. I can not explain it concretely but I love it and it makes me happy.”

“Para mi la musica es mi vida, no puedo dar un explicacion concreta pero amo lo que hago y me hace feliz”

-Student from SINEM Acosta


“Because music fills me.”

“Porque la musica me llena.”

-Student from SINEM Acosta



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