Palliative Sounds

By Tiffany Richardson

Music plays many different roles in our lives. For some it brings energy, excitement, and entertainment. For others it can provide relaxation, and a space for meditation. Sound Impact’s next project will explore music as a tool for healing. We are thrilled to partner with playwright Claytie Mason, as a part of her emerging play, “The Big White Door.”

“The Big White Door” shares the untold stories of children and their families dealing with life-threatening illness. Sound Impact will weave a musical thread through this production, to provide musical meditation and healing.

The arts can be used as a means of integrating the mind, body and spirit during treatment of serious illness, for both patient and caregiver. Research shows that music serves as a positive force for healing by providing relief of symptoms experienced during treatment.  Music has been proven to reduce pain, heart rate, stress hormones, relieve anxiety, and increased coping skills.  Listening to music leads to increased brain activity, encourages emotional expression and promotes social interaction.  Music as a supplement to traditional western medical treatments enhances the effectiveness of treatment and improves the patient and caregiver’s physical and mental wellbeing, while allowing patients to celebrate life and feel empowered during such a difficult time.

Sound Impact is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such an important project, and to offer a space for healing to all those involved.

More on Claytie and “The Big White Door” coming soon…

“Ruminations on The Big White Door” presented by Columbia University

April 16 & 17, 2014 7:30pm

New York City

SIClaytie 2

Rebecca, Danielle, Tiffany and Claytie