Vision 2014

by Danielle Cho

Happy New Year! 

What a whirlwind 2013 was – that carried with it inspiring music making, new lessons, and great friendships.  It is hard to believe that Sound Impact was formed only seven months ago.  In June 2013, Rebecca, Tiffany, and I had the pleasure of spending a week retreat at a gorgeous farm set against the majestic countryside of Virginia.  As we spent the week with other fellow musicians, eating delicious food, drinking wine, and playing chamber music, we began to brainstorm how we could continue this experience in the future.    

The three of us enjoy busy freelance careers in our respective cities, but we share a common vision of using music as a tool to inspire audiences and ignite change in various communities.  One of the most rewarding moments for me was this past summer when we journeyed to Costa Rica and played for orphans in children’s homes.  I’ll never forget the excited boy who ran up to me after we played and held my hand saying in his broken English, “You- perfect instrument.”  When we have the unique opportunity to make an indelible impression on someone, especially a child, we give a special gift of empowerment through music. 

Sound Impact has touched audiences through the incredible story of David Arben (former Associate Concertmaster of Philadelphia Orchestra and Holocaust Survivor), families and patients at the MJHS Hospice Center in New York, impoverished communities in Costa Rica, and homeless families at Homestretch.

With the dawning of a new year, Sound Impact is thrilled to announce its 2014 dreams and visions.  Our new and continued partnerships with different artists and charitable organizations share a common thread – to serve communities and ignite change through live performance.  We hope to carry on our mission and impact a greater community.   Here are some of our projects in the works: 

FEBRUARY 2014:  Sarasota

Rebecca is concertmaster of the 2014 Sarasota Opera Orchestra and during the season Tiffany and Danielle will join her in this beautiful city on the coast.  This will be an opportunity to play more music as a trio and with other musicians – violinist Eliza Cho, clarinetist Elizandro Garcia Montoya, flutist Matthew Roitstein, and harpist Giuseppina Ciarla.  We will perform a concert in the art studio of Gale Fulton Ross []. We will also play for residents of a retirement community and present an interactive program for the 120 girls served at Sarasota Girls Incorporated, an after school program providing elementary and middle school girls life-changing education about entrepreneurship, technology, finances, engineering and science.

APRIL 2014:  Collaboration with playwright Claytie Mason

Playwright Claytie Mason has a special gift for documenting and conveying those whose stories are not commonly told. Her current focus is developing a play written specifically for terminally ill children and their families and dealing with the difficult topics that surround their lives.  Sound Impact is working with Claytie to incorporate live music into her work to provide an aural respite, a meditation, a therapy.  In April we will give the first preview performance of what we know will become a very powerful work.

AUGUST 2014:  Costa Rica

We are very excited to plan another trip to Costa Rica with clarinetist Elizandro Garcia Montoya.  We will present a series of masterclasses and chamber music concerts in both rural and urban Costa Rican venues, in an effort to serve their communities and promote cross-cultural relations. 

We also want to take the time to sincerely thank our donors who have supported us in our endeavors.  Without you, many of our projects would not have been possible.  We hope that many more will follow and join us for the ride!



Danielle in Santa Fe, where she has spent the last two weeks performing with the Santa Fe Concert Association.