An Intersection of Music and Technology

December 2, 2013

by Danielle Cho

Saturday night’s show at the cozy but packed Culture Hub in New York City showed a true intersection between music and technology.  In NYC, DJ Spooky (aka that Subliminal Kid) and Sound Impact presented a series of musical pieces, inspired by John Hong and JinHee Lee’s book on Korean architecture, Convergent Flux.    DJ Spooky is Artist in Residence at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and he used his DJ Ipad software to play his tracks.  In Seoul, Professor Kang Eun-il and a group of musicians played the haegeum, a traditional Korean instrument resembling a fiddle.  The haegeum is one of the most widely used instruments in traditional Korean music, and Kang Eun-il is highly praised for her effort to combine traditional and modern music to present a new “crossover” genre.


So how was this possible to have two live concerts happening in two cities with a 14 hour time difference?  Thanks to Culture Hub and their cutting edge technology, the show was a live streamed concert where audiences in both Seoul, New York City and around the world could enjoy.  Although Culture Hub can fit about 50 people in the space, we had about 2,000 viewers watching live.

20131130_191923Musicians from Sound Impact and Seoul Institute of the Arts meeting via internet

IMG_9565photo-961468579_10152130365125628_2065808843_n 1458554_10152130660970628_266634312_n


Sound Impact was privileged to have special guest violinist, Jennifer Choi, who showed off her impressive improvising skills as she jammed with the haegeum players in Korea via internet.

It was a great concert and an exciting endeavor! Stay tuned for a recording project coming your way!


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